Long Gone Music Video by Vicky Emerson

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Project Description

Produced by Jeremy Krzmarzick (Motion Button Films), “Long Gone” is from Vicky’s new album, “Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down,” which topped the Americana charts in 2016.

Release Date: 1.1.2016

WEBSITE: http://www.vickyemerson.com

Project Details

Client Vicky Emerson
Date 2016
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“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”

Project Concept

Vicky Emerson close up.
A story of how our protagonist is on the hunt for revenge after spending time in county jail. The protagonist is bad ass and doesn’t care if they go back to jail. All they care about is getting pay back for how they have been wronged.

The story starts on the road as our protagonist is leaving the country jail, hot on the trail of our antagonist. Our protagonist is already speeding and breaking their first law, leaving a hit of euphoria over their face, bitting their lips to keep the excitement in. The protagonist adjust the rear view mirror just to make sure of not being followed.

We see the tires of the protagonist care skate to a stop on a gravel road. The boot of the protagonist hits the gravel. We immediately cut to first shot of our antagonist back tide up in a chair. The view isn’t able to distinguish too much about our antagonist just that they are tide up and obviously in a very compromised position.

We cut to the back of our protagonist walking down a railroad tracks guitar started to their back barely holding on to a whiskey bottle in one hand. The bottle might be mostly empty, but the alcohol has no phase on the protagonist wall.

The protagonist finds themselves at an older building. The protagonist breaks the lock of the building end embarks on a path of long hallways and staircases looking for the antagonist. Meanwhile the antagonist is loosening the ropes and has find a glimmer of hope of escaping from this mess.

The door of the antagonist room is pushed opened. The protagonist walks in the room and immediately the antagonist adjust their ropes to act like they were not trying to escape. The protagonist walks slowly from the door to the front of the antagonist. The audience now see the protagonist reaction as they pull the blindfold of the antagonist off and it is reviewed that the antagonist and protagonist where the same person the whole time.

Video compositing shot and color corrected.
Video compositing. Car removal and sign removal.
Adding two Vicky's and color correcting.

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