Upsie vs. The Dread Cloud of Warranty



Project Description

This is a video project we created to tell the story of a start-up called Upsie in a Game of Thrones manner. The video was meant to add a bit more interest to the dry nature of warranties. Probably some of the most 2D character animation I have done in a video.

Creative Direction Maranatha Wilson, Lindsey Frey
Illustration Maranatha Wilson, Jeremy Krzmarzick
Copy Lindsey Frey
Animation Jeremy Krzmarzick
Agency Curb Crowser

Project Details

Client Upsie
Date 2014
Skills , , ,

Scared girl holding smartphone and walking
Once upon a time, a darkened land glowed with a soft blue lights
Of the gadgets held in hands grasping so precious, so tight.
For the dread cloud of Warranty cast the land in its shade,
And its people ran fearful, unprotected and dismayed.
Legions of middlemen flew down from the dark vault,
Tormenting with warranty prices equal to assault.
They paid heavily to the dark side, just to protect their gear,
Losing hope that a new way to warranty would ever appear.
But then, one day, faith was renewed as a hero took flight!
Upsie rode in with a warranty app shining bright.
He cried, “You won’t dip into this kitty! We will no longer be screwed!”
And terminated the Middlemen¹s prices so crude.
Upsie spread his app through the land, across all gadgets and devices,
And people bought the warranties they wanted at much better prices.
Is it magic and wizardry? they exclaimed and cried.
No, Upsie said with a smile. Just warranties with an upside.
Wide shot of girl walking, cars driving fast and lighting!
Upsie entersriding a pixelated cat holding a phone
Warranty man sending his minions in front of the cloud warranty.

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