I <3 you beer, bear, deer, dear!

Full poster of I hear you beer.

Project Description

This poster was for my second year as an artist with Posters and Pints poster show. The whole idea behind the poster was to word play off of the word “beer.” I noticed I could play with the type to make it say “Beer,” “Bear,” “Dear,” and “Deer.” With that, I made a cluster of interactions between beers, bears, dears, and deers and all sorts of other things. Things probably got a little out of control and I ended up making a lot more personal inside jokes in the poster.

Project Details

Client Self
Date 2015
Skills Illustration
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Mounted Dear Illustration
Panda Bear close up illustration
Fire from dragon mouth close up illustration
Popcorn with carrot nose close up illustration
Close up for dead Bambie Mom.
Close up of an I heart you beer.
Minneapolis cherry illustration

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